After only two visits to see Edo, my quality of life was changed. I did not realize how much my body was compensating for old injuries until it did not have to compensate anymore. His expertise and approach to healing rather than a temporary fix has been a game changer for me!

Kathryn Bilberry

I have dealt with muscular issues for many years, specifically with a shoulder injury. After speaking with Edo Zylstra initially, I was hopeful but not overly optimistic. This is likely due to two doctors previously telling me I needed a full shoulder replacement. While I had never had dry needling previously, I have been amazed by how well my body has responded. Edo’s knowledge and understanding of how the entire body works together is truly remarkable. In fact, not only has my shoulder use increased dramatically, but the level of discomfort has reduced significantly, to the point of knowing that shoulder replacement is not needed. I highly recommend Dr. Edo Zylstra for all physical therapy needs.

Joel Wayne

After receiving treatment from multiple physical therapist and athletic trainers, I can confidently say my treatment sessions from Edo had the most profound and lasting impacts on managing and alleviating symptoms from chronic headaches and over two years of achilles pain.

MelanieD1 Student Athlete for Cross Country and Track

Finding a lasting solution is possible.